Opus I Music Society

"Making music an integral part of life"


"Glad you came to our website. Now come and meet us in person! Contact me for further information at <pfmcram@hotmail.com> -- Ruth Ann McChesney, Past President, Opus I Music Society

Opus I Music Society, located in the Mars/Cranberry Township area in Western Pennsylvania, is a local chapter of the Pennsylvania Federation of Music Clubs (PFMC) and the National Federation of Music Clubs (NFMC).

PURPOSE: Opus I Music Society was founded to provide an opportunity for individuals of all musical backgrounds and any level of musical ability to meet monthly for the sake of promoting and enjoying music. Membership in the society brings new ideas, new contacts and new objectives to the individual member. The purpose of Opus I Music Society is to make music an integral part of the cultural, social and educational life of the community. This is accomplished by;

  • Association with people of similar interests and by the exchange of ideas during Opus I, PFMC and NFMC meetings. 
  • Fostering creative talent by participation in musical activities on local, state and national levels.
  • Active promotion of study, appreciation and performance of music.
  • Sharing programs of interest with members of local communities.
  • Support of college music majors (minors) through the Opus I Scholarship Award.
  • Promotion of American music and composers.
  • Promotion of NFMC Parade of American Music during November.
  • Promotion of NFMC National Music Week during the first week of May and provide opportunities for students of local schools to participate.
  • Participation with NFMC Course of Study.
  • Participation in NFMC areas of promotion such as Crusade for Strings, Hymn of the Month, Music in Schools and Colleges, and Poetry in Music.
Opus I teachers and members are actively involved with the NFMC Festivals program (Junior and Adult). Festivals provide opportunity for hundreds of local students to participate in an incentive program designed to encourage young musical talent. The NFMC Festivals program has grown to more than 117,000 participants nationwide.